3 Apr 2008
"There is not a man or boy in this vast congregation tonight who cannot improve his life. And that needs to happen. After all, we hold the priesthood of God. If we are boys who have received the Aaronic Priesthood, we are entitled to the ministering of angels to guide and direct, to bless and protect us. What a remarkable and wonderful thing that is. If we have had conferred upon us the Melchizedek Priesthood, we have been given the keys of the kingdom that carry with them eternal powers. These were spoken of by the Lord when He laid His hands upon the heads of His disciples."
Topic: priesthood, personal growth, guidance  Reference: (Gordon B. Hinckley, "Rise Up, O Men of God," Ensign, Nov. 2006, 60)


UFOOAR (Uno For OpenOffice And Ruby) is a Ruby-UNO Bridge library so that Ruby scripters can also access the UNO COM-like interface in OpenOffice.org. The main support for this is that of Spreadsheets, however support for Documents, XML, and HTML pages has been requested so heavy work is being performed on those as well.

Personal Calculator

Personal Calculator is a command-line based calculator that accepts as input a mathematical equation string. The value of having it as a command-line tool is that you can edit your entry before submitting it, or automatically recall your last equation based on your terminal settings. In a DOS or Windows command-line the Up Arrow key performs the recall action.

Basic Console

Basic Console is a Java-based console application that has been developed with pluggability and extendibility in mind. It is very basic and includes information pertaining to how I developed it. As there were no readily available resources on developing a console application in Java, I feel this is a great step for beginners in the Java software development community.