21 Mar 2008
With you, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this Easter season. We invite you to view "The Bread of Life" (approximately 7 minutes), which can be found at the following Web address:
Topic: Easter  Reference: http://jesuschrist.lds.org/SonOfGod/eng/multimedia

Gimp Re-hue-ing Tutorial

  1. Load your image
  2. Using the dropper tool, click on the color on the image the was the old text color
  3. Click on the Color in the Gimp Toolbox to open the color chooser
  4. Note the H value (Hue at the top right of the color chooser)
  5. Now type the hex value of the new text color into the text field on the color chooser
  6. 6. Note the H value (Hue) again
  7. Subtract the old H-value from the new H-value
  8. If the result is positive, subtract that amount from the Hue in the Hue-Saturation dialog under Colors, if it is negative, add that amount to the Hue in the Hue-Saturation dialog.